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    "I nominate Mona Lisa and the Girl with the Pearl Earring." [via]

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    Who’s better: Dr. Oz or Dr. Dre?

    Should You Trust That Doctor? Matrix [Click for full chart]

    Love how far south Dr. Oz is. 

    Over/under on where House relates to Doctor Quinn and Dr. Huxtable?

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    A dried out section of Lake Oroville, California. As the severe drought in California continues for a third straight year, water levels in the State’s lakes and reservoirs is reaching historic lows. Lake Oroville is currently at 32 percent of its total 3,537,577 acres. Picture: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images (via Pictures of the day: 20 August 2014 - Telegraph)


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    College students have always had a taste for beer, and archaeologists have uncovered new evidence at the College of William and Mary to prove it.

    The remains of what is likely an 18th century on-campus brewery were discovered just outside of the nation’s oldest college…

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    Puget Sound’s endangered killer whales continue decline

    With two deaths this year and no new calves since 2012, the population of endangered killer whales in the Puget Sound continues to decline.

    The number of whales in J, K and L pods has dropped to 78, a level not seen since 1985, according to a census by the Center for Whale Research (CWR). Adding to the concerns, the whales appear to be “splintering” from their pods, which are their basic social groups.

    Since 1976, Ken Balcomb of the CWR has been observing the Puget Sound orcas, or “southern residents” as they’re known among scientists. Balcomb compiles an annual census of the population for submission to the federal government.

    Historically, all three pods have come together in the San Juan Islands during summer months, often feeding and socialising in large groups, Balcomb noted. But for the past few years, the pods have divided themselves into small groups, sometimes staying together but often staying apart….

    Balcomb suggests that the primary factor for the population decline is a lack of food for the killer whales, which generally prey on chinook salmon passing through the San Juan Islands on the way back to Canada’s Fraser River. The whales have a strong preference for chinook, typically larger and fatter fish, but they will eat other species of salmon and even other fish sometimes. “The salmon issue is huge, and it is ongoing,” Balcomb said.

    Chinook runs continue to decline in most areas, and state and federal salmon managers seem unable to turn the situation around, he said. Society’s dependence on hatcheries, harvest and hydropower have diluted the wild salmon populations and made long-term recovery increasingly difficult.

    The two orcas that are missing and presumed dead are L-53, a 37-year-old female named Lulu; and L-100, a 13-year-old male named Indigo. Lulu’s mother died in 2010, and she never had any siblings nor offspring of her own. Both were members of L pod, the Kitsap Sun reports.

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    Obama Announces 1 Percent Pay Raise For Federal Employees

    In letters to congressional leaders on Friday, President Barack Obama announced a 1 percent pay increase for U.S. service members and federal employees, starting January 2015.

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    Not today

    My god, that first one.


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    The Canadian Joint Delegation to NATO tweeted some advice for Russian soldiers entering Ukraine. Moscow claims that the soldiers are mistakenly crossing over, according to NPR

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    Putin warns the West: “It’s best not to mess with us.”

    Just hours after asking pro-Russian separatists to release Ukrainian troops, Russian President Vladimir Putin took a very different tone

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    Alarming charts show throwing money at police doesn’t make our cities safer

    The recent images of armored transport on suburban streets show that much of America wrongly approaches safety at home as a peacekeeping problem. More danger on the streets must mean we need better-equipped police to impose stricter order.

    Our communities aren’t war zones though.

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    MarketWatch: If you’re going to use plastic, use credit, not debit.